Phones Grade Policy

More details about our grade policy

Grade A

Cosmetic Condition

  • Minor damage or no damage at all.
  • No parts missing.
  • No liquid damage.

Functional Condition

  • Not jailbroken.
  • Not activation locked.
  • No damage on the below points.
  • Home Button, On/Off button, volume button.
  • Ring/silent switch.
  • Sound (built-in speaker only), vibration.
  • Screen, touch panel.
  • Power on: charge acceptance.
  • Touch ID.
  • Face ID.
  • Has passed full diagnostics.

Diagnostic Tests Passed

  1. Wi-Fi test functionality and connection with network host.
  2. Microphone test voice recording and replaying.
  3. Headset test connect with headphone and check the sound came out.
  4. Back camera test taking a picture and preview.
  5. Video test video recording and replaying.
  6. LCD color displaying white, black, red, green, blue, yellow colors.
  7. LCD backlight test brightness auto-check.
  8. Proximity test during the call, by seeing if the screen dims when you put the phone up to the face.
  9. Vibration test vibration auto-check.
  10. Volume keys test manual check.
  11. Receiver test sound playback from receiver.
  12. Camera flash test, camera flash auto-check.
  13. Bluetooth test checking of connection with other devices.
  14. Speaker test playback sound from bottom speaker.
  15. Headset microphone test connection of device and headset microphone.
  16. Front camera test taking a picture and preview.
  17. Battery charging test charging possibility: OK or not (not checking of charge %).
  18. Touch test reaction to the screen touching (whole screen separated by blocks).
  19. Accelerometer test accelerometer auto-check.
  20. USB test possibility of data transfer.
  21. Home key test manual check.
  22. Screen lock button test manual check.
  23. Screen test dead pixel check.
  24. Camera auto focus test checking by barcode scanning.